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Alan Alexander Milne closes The House At Pooh Corner with In Which Christopher Robin and Pooh Come to an Enchanted Place, and We Leave Them There. So it's fitting that we begin our discussion of Winnie-the-Pooh and the other inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood in this Enchanted Place on the Internet.

Please Honor Our Purpose

The purpose of this site is to re-interpret the spirit of Pooh in an on-line setting, reminiscent of the writings of A. A. Milne and the drawings of E. H. Shepard. Any ideas you have to create that vision which do not infringe on the rights of The Trustees of the Pooh Properties will be most appreciated!

In the spirit of A. A. Milne

When you find yourself with a Home Page, you soon find yourself wondering if anyone has bothered to look at it yet; and so you go searching for a Page Counter, hoping to count the number of people who visit, and right before you get it running you realize it doesn't count the number of people who visit, but rather how many times they look at stuff on your page, so you loudly begin with "Hey You!," which means "please sign my Guestbook." So you ask in a timid voice "Please post a message so I know you were here; or send me your comments so this page can be dear," and hope that they do.

A word about Accounts

You may be wondering, and I'd think it totally appropriate, why you should have to create an account on An Enchanted Page in order to contribute to the Thots and Missages, among other things.

With the redesign of the site, and the introduction of stronger, ad-free, bulletin board forums, I want to help ensure that the content of An Enchanted Page remains appropriately Milne-oriented. In its previous version, the "Discussion Board" became innundated with spammers and inappropriate ads and requests for money. It is my hope that controlling access to the forums will reduce, if not eliminate, these types of infringements on your enjoyment.

I've explained a little more about it in the Enchanted Page forum.

A Title Splash

Long time readers of An Enchanted Page will recall the introductory splash screen that appeared when you first came to the site. Only readers using Internet Explorer were able to see these pages, as they used DHTML (this is just about the time that Macromedia Flash was being often used, but not having that software, I went with an alternative).

If you're interested in (and capable of) seeing this page today, Click Here.

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